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About us

When you have a problem with water damage, a fast reaction is crucial. That’s why you should contact us as soon as you notice an issue with water in your home. It can make a huge mess and affect your kitchen appliances and the overall integrity of your home, especially the floors. We use special equipment and techniques to eliminate the excess water from the facility. We also monitor the drying process to ensure that there is none of it left around. Give us a call; we’ll make sure your home gets dried.

Our Offers

Water destruction can have various sources, from small leaks in the kitchen to huge natural disasters. We are here to help you solve the problem. If your facility gets affected by water damage, we’re the ones you should call. Take a look at our offers; you might find it interesting.

Inspection and assessment

Inspection and assessment

We provide a thorough inspection of your premises and a total damage assessment. You cannot start the restoration process without evaluating it first. We will help you with the evaluations so that you can develop a proper plan of action. We will also identify and stop the source for you. The next step is determining the contamination levels so that you can restore your property according to the industry specifications and safety regulations. Additionally, we’ll look for safety concerns within the facility, explain the importance of safety rules to you, and give you an insight about the precautionary measures.

The removal

The removal

This step removes all the excess water in your household. We use special equipment and highly trained professionals to eliminate the damage from the facility, reduce the drying time, and prevent mold and secondary leaks. By using powerful pumps and specially designed trucks, we’ll extract every single drop in your household or a commercial facility. Depending on the amount, we can also use industrial pumps in addition to our regular vacuums. By using infrared cameras, we can detect “hidden” moisture behind walls and ceilings. The removal is one of the crucial steps toward total restoration.

Thorough surface drying

Thorough surface drying

This step is usually done after the moisture removal step. Although your walls may seem relatively dry, moisture tends to stay in for days. However, we use special drying methods for your walls, floors, and ceilings. We use special equipment, including air movers, dehumidifiers, and heaters. We also carefully monitor the drying process by using moisture meters. We guarantee the quality of service, and we won’t leave your premises until everything is completely dry. Our high-speed air movers accelerate the evaporation of moisture by creating a flow of hot air through the walls, floors, carpets, and so on.


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Our Team

We have a highly trained team consisting of four individuals. They are all experts in the field of restoration, and they have seen it all. Our team works hard to find new and innovative ways of fighting the destruction with great success. Take a look at their short bios.

James Hernandez

James is the leader of our little team, and he’s in charge of our field interventions, planning, and finances. He always makes sure we have everything we need ready and set for a response. He is the one who’s responsible for a fast reaction. James has been with us from the beginning.

William McQueen

Bill has been working with us for a long time now. He’s a great addition to our team because he has a degree in chemistry which helps us with mold prevention, data analysis, and more. He’s a real team player and is always in the mood to educate our clients.

Cody Jones

Cody is the latest and the youngest edition to our team. He’s 27 years old and ready to show his knowledge and talent. Cody is an expert for mechanical devices, so he’s in control of our infrastructure such as vacuums, pumps, compressors, and so on. He loves to learn new stuff.

Angel Johns

Angel is responsible for the readiness of our equipment, vehicles, and more. Some would call him a mechanic, but he offers much more than just mechanical expertise. We wouldn’t be able to function properly without the professional help that Angel brings to our company. He’s working on his Master’s degree.

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