Tips For Preventing Cumulative Damage

Cumulative damage usually comes because of small leaks. Even though it may go unnoticed for months, it still does severe damage to its surroundings and ultimately the walls, floors, appliances, and so on. However, there are a few preventive methods available which you should consider revising. In the end, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The prevention

Start inspecting the plumbing schematics of your home. Follow the pipes and use your senses to check out for any temperature changes near the plumbing system. The leaks affect the surrounding temperature and can be easily detected with bare hands.

Tips for preventing cumulative damageCheck the valves beneath the sink in both bathroom and the kitchen. If you notice any leaks there, change the valve. Take a look at the washing machine as well, if you spot water, shut down the supply valve and call the repairer.

Get into your basement (if you have one), and check the pipes there as well. Basements are the number one spots for humidity, floods, mold, and so on. Make sure to install your power sockets higher from the ground. It comes in handy when a flood occurs, and it doesn’t reach the outlets. If you have any valves in the basement, make a quick inspection to make sure they are working properly.

As strange as it may sound, the attic can also be a source of potential leaks. Visit the attic and inspect the roof beams. If you see any sign of mold or leaks, it’s an indication of a broken roof tile or a leaking gutter. Call a repairer and address the problem.

Should I address the professionals?

Tips for preventing cumulative damage

In a nutshell, yes. However, you should always do the easiest steps by yourself, and take precautionary measures. That said, if you stumble upon any signs of damage, call us, and we’ll help you with the issues. We’re here to drain the water out, dry the infrastructure, and estimate the destruction levels. Although prevention is a great thing, it doesn’t guarantee a successful defense. Water destruction is one of the most dangerous ones because it’s a long-term nuisance.